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CPD Navigator

Career Navigator


Wherever you are on your professional development journey, the CPD Navigator will provide guidance on next steps to acquire new skills, explore career opportunities and grow your talent.

The CPD Navigator gives you the opportunity to assess your strengths and weaknesses in relation to 6 key areas of professional competence within an accounting or advisory firm environment:

  1. Workflow
  2. Team
  3. Clients
  4. Growth
  5. Administration
  6. Technical

Each area of competency includes 5 statements in relation to skills and knowledge. You are asked to consider these statements in relation to your current and future roles. By identifying your strengths and weaknesses, you can explore areas of key focus for the future learning.

It will take you just 10 minutes to complete the Navigator. You will receive a report outlining your strengths and areas for professional development.

CLICK HERE to complete the CPD Navigator Questionnaire.

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