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All of our courses are structured to deliver CORE COMPETENCIES in relation to workflow management, team development, client relationships, business growth, practice administration and technical skills.

  1. Workflow 
    • Managing scope of work
    • Job budgeting and WIP review
    • Scheduling and throughput of work
  2. Team
    • Team coaching and supervision
    • Task delegation and leverage
    • Professional development
  3. Clients
    • Understanding client needs
    • Client engagement strategies
    • Client communication strategies
  4. Growth
    • Business planning
    • Professional partnerships
    • Marketing strategies
  5. Administration
    • Time and task management
    • Financial management
    • Systems and process management
    • Technical skills e.g. ASIC

For each course, competencies are graded as (a) Foundation, (b) Intermediate and (c) Advanced. Courses are designed to align content with competencies and provide feedback to learner in relation to their progress. Click here to view and download current course competencies

You can explore your personal strengths and weaknesses in relation to management and leadership skills by completing our CAREER NAVIGATOR Tool. Identify areas for future professional development. Click here to explore the NAVIGATOR tool.

Learners are encouraged to develop their own Path to Mastery in relation to competencies relevant to their role and responsibilities.

An example of a learning pathway for an accountant follows:

Stage 1: Graduate Accountant Induction
Stage 2: The Proactive Accountant
Stage 3: The Proactive Manager
Stage 4: Client Manager
Stage 5: Team Leader Masterclass
Stage 6: Path to Partnership

If you’d like further information on our learning pathways, contact us directly at support@cpdforaccountants.com.au




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