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Course Content


Part 1 – Workflow Manager


1. Seven keys to improve your personal and team workflow management processes
2. Task and project management skills for leaders in public practice
3. How to maximise recoverability through project and WIP management
4. How to effectively utilise the hours in your busy day to achieve results


Part 2 – Team Leader


1. How to develop your personal leadership style and approach
2. Nine key steps to effective team coaching in professional firms
3. How to create capacity through effective leverage and delegation
4. Key steps to manage your team members through training, coaching and review


Part 3 – Business Developer 


1. Client discovery and effective needs analysis techniques
2. Effective internal and external referral strategies for growth
3. Keys to getting existing clients across the line with new services
4. How to establish your personal business development plan


Part 4 – Trusted Advisor


1. Management of client scope and fee for service
2. Communication strategies to engage with clients
3. How to manage challenging clients and difficult situations
4. How to ensure you’re remaining relevant to your clients


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Course Structure

  • Learners can complete courses at a place that suits them, within and outside work hours
  • Each learner will have a dedicated login to give them personal access to their course
  • Module material includes online presentations, workbooks, PowerPoint Slides, templates, scripts and articles
  • All modules also incorporate formal qualitative assessment tasks that encourage learners to develop practical actions demonstrating understanding of the concepts
  • All assessment tasks are scored, with directed feedback to learners on their response
  • As the learner progresses, they develop their personal SMART action list to drive change
  • Managers are able to see at a glance how their staff are progressing
  • All learners have access to course content for 12 months following their enrolment

Learning Process

Our self-paced eLearning courses follow a 4-step process in relation to learning objectives:





All modules are structured with specific learning objectives and assessment tasks. Learners are expected to demonstrate that they understand learning objectives and can apply concepts through completion of the assessment tasks. A SMART action planning template is used to consolidate specific actions and to ensure that a timeframe for completion is established and followed. Regular review of progress is ensured through commitment to completing the course.

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