Course Outline

REFERRAL PARTNER NETWORK – How to develop stronger cross-referral relationships

A Guide for Accounting, Financial, Legal and Advisory Firms

If you’re a specialist or advisor and your principal source of new business is referrals, either from delighted clients or from referral partners, you’re no doubt looking for ways to:
* generate more referrals and grow your business,
* create a supportive, collaborative network of like-minded professionals and
* add more value to your clients

Many advisors and specialists in public practice struggle to develop strong partner networks. Issues including one-way referrals, poor quality of leads and lack of engagement all contribute to a general feeling that this type of relationship is difficult to manage. What’s generally lacking is a clear process that encourages the development of professional relationships.

What’s this course all about?

The 8 step process outlined in this course provides clear guidelines on how to develop and maintain a referral partner network through effective branding and positioning, networking and marketing, relationship management and ongoing review and feedback.

The course provides guidelines for professionals looking to break down internal barriers and silos as well as build relationships with external service providers.

The course can be completed in group or individual format. Assessment tasks will encourage and challenge your team to consider what they can do to improve the way they work with referral partners. Support material includes workbooks, procedures and scripts relevant to the topics being discussed.

How does it work?

The Referral Partner Network eLearning course consists of 8 modules with clear learning objectives. Content includes presentations, workbooks, support materials and assessment tasks. Most importantly, learners develop their own professional development pathway using our SMART action planning template

Who should enrol?

This course provides partners and managers with a step by step approach to developing stronger cross-referral relationships with other service providers. They are encouraged to involve their team in this course, to consider what changes the firm can make at an operational level to create a strong strategic partner network.

Course registration is PER LOCATION (any number of staff)

Course Content

This course consists of 8 elearning modules:


1.POSITION – What service partnerships do you want?
Value proposition | Business profiling | Service platform | Client description

2. SEARCH – How do you find the right partners?
Referral partner profile | Networking | Marketing | Due diligence

3. ENGAGE – What engagement options do you have?
Agreement options | Scope and fee split | Mutual expectations | Review process

4. BUILD – How do you build strong relationships?
Regular meetings | Case studies | Responsiveness | Trust and handover

5. IDENTIFY – How can you identify referral prospects?
Internal discovery | Internal marketing | External marketing | Staff training

6. REPORT – What measurement systems are required?
Sales pipeline | Referrals register | Feedback | Review process

7. MANAGE – How can you deal with relationship issues?
One way referrals | Poor lead quality | Silo mentality | Lack of interest

8. PLAN – Develop your Strategic Partner Network action plan
Responsibilities | Existing relationships | New relationships | Quarterly action plan


PLUS 4 SPECIALIST ONLINE SESSIONS with Steve Lake, Director, ReferConnect

These sessions will incorporate practical discussions around firm positioning, engagement of referrers, implementation of referral programs and management of referral relationships
ReferConnect’s mission is to provide quality clients to Financial Services Industry professionals while forging new and value driven connections with like-minded referrers. Click here for further information.


Course Structure

  • Learners can complete courses at a place that suits them, within and outside work hours
  • Each learner will have a dedicated login to give them personal access to their course
  • Module material includes online presentations, workbooks, PowerPoint Slides, templates, scripts and articles
  • All modules also incorporate formal qualitative assessment tasks that encourage learners to develop practical actions demonstrating understanding of the concepts
  • All assessment tasks are scored, with directed feedback to learners on their response
  • As the learner progresses, they develop their personal SMART action list to drive change
  • Managers are able to see at a glance how their staff are progressing
  • All learners have access to course content for 12 months following their enrolment

Learning Process

Our self-paced eLearning courses follow a 4-step process in relation to learning objectives:





All modules are structured with specific learning objectives and assessment tasks. Learners are expected to demonstrate that they understand learning objectives and can apply concepts through completion of the assessment tasks. A SMART action planning template is used to consolidate specific actions and to ensure that a timeframe for completion is established and followed. Regular review of progress is ensured through commitment to completing the course.

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