Team Coaching for Managers – Develop Coaching Skills

Team Coaching for Managers – Develop Coaching Skills

8 Modules
16 CPD Hours
AUD $800+GST Per learner

Course Outline

This is a self-paced online course. Learners can register at any time and have 12 months to complete the course.

In today’s public practice environment, it’s critical that managers and leaders can delegate responsibility for workflow and client relationship management in an appropriate way. Without effective leverage, there’s simply no time to focus on adding real value to clients.

It’s relatively easy to provide directions and solutions to staff. However, it’s a lot more difficult to give staff a clear sense of responsibility as well as the motivation to change behaviour. This is where structured coaching can deliver real benefits.

How effectively do your team members take on real responsibility? Do they look for solutions to issues themselves? Are they proactive and self-directed or do they rely too much on their managers for feedback and support?

This course is designed to give accountant managers to a greater understanding of the key steps involved in coaching team members to improve performance.

We’ll show how different behavioural and motivational styles have a real impact on the effectiveness of day to day coaching in professional practice.

We’ll explain the critical importance of active listening in the coaching process as an essential step in giving staff a clear sense of responsibility for their actions.

We’ll provide a structured learning environment including assessment tasks, SMART actions and an online forum to provide feedback and advice on real life situations.

Who should enrol?

This program provides both new and established managers in public practice with a clear understanding of the principles of effective coaching to deliver results. The program highlights the core differences between coaching, mentoring and teaching roles and shows how a structured approach to coaching can deliver real behavioural change in individuals and teams. Participants are encouraged to consider their own coaching style in relation to specific situations and challenges.

Within all modules, assessment tasks will be completed and SMART actions will be identified to provide a road map for coaching professional development.

Course Content

1. Core principles of effective coaching in accounting firms

2. Understanding and influencing personal motivational styles

3. The use of active listening to drive behavioural change

4. Understand and influence personal motivational styles

5. KPI measurement and review for behavioural change

6. Overcoming roadblocks and challenges when coaching

7. Use coaching to direct job budgets and workflow

8. Use coaching to enhance client relationships

Course Structure

  • Learners can complete courses at a place that suits them, within and outside work hours
  • Each learner will have a dedicated login to give them personal access to their course
  • Module material includes online presentations, workbooks, PowerPoint Slides, templates, scripts and articles
  • All modules also incorporate formal qualitative assessment tasks that encourage learners to develop practical actions demonstrating understanding of the concepts
  • All assessment tasks are scored, with directed feedback to learners on their response
  • As the learner progresses, they develop their personal SMART action list to drive change
  • Managers are able to see at a glance how their staff are progressing
  • All learners have access to course content for 12 months following their enrolment

Learning Process

Our self-paced eLearning courses follow a 4-step process in relation to learning objectives:





All modules are structured with specific learning objectives and assessment tasks. Learners are expected to demonstrate that they understand learning objectives and can apply concepts through completion of the assessment tasks. A SMART action planning template is used to consolidate specific actions and to ensure that a timeframe for completion is established and followed. Regular review of progress is ensured through commitment to completing the course.


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Team Coaching for Managers – Develop Coaching Skills

Team Coaching for Managers – Develop Coaching Skills

8 Modules
16 CPD Hours

AUD $800+GST

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