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What do the following functions have in common?

  • The ability to maintain focus and attention, to be fully present and alert
  • The capacity to manage our emotions and stay cool under pressure
  • The discernment to establish a good decision from a poor one
  • The emotional intelligence to collaborate and connect

The answer lies between our ears – it’s the brain.

As professionals, managers and leaders, our ability to perform at the highest level requires a knowledge and understanding of how our brain operates, how emotions are processed, how to optimise the executive functions of the brain such as planning, analysis and handling difficult conversations.

It needs us to know, train and optimise our brain.

In recent times our lives have changed in ways we could not have foreseen. These changes have been dramatic and far-reaching and have forced major shifts in our work and personal lives. Now more than ever, we need to strengthen our ability to adapt successfully to change, deal with stress and manage our time effectively, avoiding the overwhelm of being ‘on’ 24/7.

Anne Paterson and Clare Edwards have been collaborating for over 10 years, pooling their collective knowledge of leadership and performance and combining their passion for sharing the neuroscience of leadership and change.

Together they created ‘Dealing with Change and Building Resilience’ an Learning course that explores how we can develop our change agility and boost our resilience. The course outlines practical strategies to reduce stress and  shift change perspectives to improve performance under pressure.

This course is suitable for any administrator, accountant, manager or partner in public practice who wants to develop their ability to deal with change and build resilience.

Whether you’re new to the public practice environment or experienced and wanting some fine-tuning with the way you manage your day, this course will add value and provide a pathway to success.

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