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What courses are eligible for CPD Points?

The various Member Associations provide guidelines on their CPD requirements and course eligibility. In general, any activity that increases your knowledge, skills and ability to do your job can be included in your CPD records. Some Member Associations may draw distinctions between Structured and Unstructured CPD. All of our courses are Structured.

You can include events you have attended through your Member Association as well as most forms of learning or study that have contributed towards your professional career. The activity does not need to be about accounting or finance in particular. However, you need to be able to demonstrate that the activity increased your ability to do your job.

The structure of all of our courses lies within the eligibility criteria outlined by the various Member Associations. All our courses are directly relevant to the accounting profession. All of our courses are structured. They have clear, documented learning objectives and assessment tasks that are scored independently. CPD hours are calculated on the basis of the time typically taken to complete each module including viewing presentations, completing workbooks and assessment tasks and developing your SMART action plan for professional development purposes.

Generally, each module of our courses is worth 2 CPD hours. For more information, visit course details.

You should record all your CPD activities to ensure you are completing the requirements of your Member Association.

CLICK HERE to download your CPD Record of Activity Form